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Frequently asked questions.

How do we pay?
After we have processed your application we will send login details to the email address provided i.e. the school administrator. You can login with these details and pay online with a credit card.

Can we pay by invoice?
Yes- When we send your login details we will attach your first invoice. Printable Invoices can also be generated online by the school administrator and presented to the school's finance officer. You can login and pay the invoice online or send a cheque to our business address.
* You can pay on the spot by credit card or by invoice*.

When does the subscription start?
For new customers, it begins once we have received payment. Prior to payment the School Admin can still login and set up classes, upload teachers and student users. When you’re in the middle of a subscription, it will begin when the current subscription ends.

Will I have to re-upload students and teachers that I setup if I fail to pay the subscription on time?
No you won't; all user accounts will remain for a period of time. However, they will not be able to use the platform until the subscription is paid. Only the school administrator will have access.

What does the school administrator do?
Creates classes and upload as many teachers and students as they wish. Once the teachers are uploaded they too can create student users. Generates invoices for school’s finance officer.

Can my school subscribe even if it's not in the UK?
Yes, of course. Please email us at